Tax consultancy for entrepeneurs

Your company is either moving to the Netherlands or is establishing a (new) business or office in the Netherlands.
Your organization will now be facing a whole range of fiscal issues and regulations.
You need an expert to guide your company through this process.

Fidante Belastingadviseurs is specialized in guiding newcomers in these matters. We will make sure your company can make the most of the opportunities offered by the Dutch corporate tax laws. Fidante also gives advice as to how to structure your company from the point of view of optimal fiscal efficiency.

We help you to comply with your Dutch fiscal obligations and tax returns (VAT, income tax, corporation tax).
For bookkeeping we strongly advise our clients to work with Reeleezee.
You find extensive information regarding this online bookkeeping software on

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Tax consultancy

For you as entrepeneur in a special situation and needing advise.

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Tax returns

annual financial statements, corporation tax return or income tax return for the entrepeneur (with a sole proprietorship or B.V./Ltd).

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